Friends of the Allenstown Public Library: consider yourself recruited!

We are fortunate enough to have a new Friends of the Library group in Allenstown.  They have two great events/activities coming up-please consider participating.


Logo Contest

If you are in grades 4-12, have artistic talent and want to win $50, enter the logo contest.  Details on the Friends webpage-deadline is 4/18/2014, so start drawing!


Comcast Cares Volunteer day

On Saturday, April 19, 2014, the Friends will be volunteering to help clean up the Little League field at 140 pleasant Street in Pembroke.  if 14 volunteers show up as part of the Friends group, the Comcast will make a donation to the Friends group.  Anyone over age 3 will be welcomed.  Plus, your teen can earn volunteer hours!  See this website for details.

What is your library “typology?”

Using statistical responses and demographics, we can understand how segments of the population use public libraries.  According to a newly released study by the Pew Research Center, there are 9 “typologies” of public library engagement including:

Library Lovers
Information Omnivores
Solid Center
Print Traditionalists
Not for Me
Young and Restless
Rooted and Roadblocked
Distant Admirers
Off the Grid

Which one are you?
H ere’s a hint: whether or not you know your neighbors may be an indicator for how you feel about the library.

Downloadables are LIVE!

Downloadable books access is back up! Please spread the word! If you registered for /received a new library card (including keyring cards) between December and March, you may not have access yet. If so, email me ( or contact me tomorrow when the library is open and I can turn on your access. You might need to clear your browser history-I did.

Seeking feedback

As we rejoin the Downloadable Books program, we have the opportunity to expand it, but the funding would likely come from our traditional (paper) books budget. Should we invest more of our book budget in downloadable books/movies, to buy more downloadable titles?  If more and more people are reading digitally, do we respond to that preference with more funding in that area?  It’s your tax dollars, so I want to hear from you.

Let’s start a discussion-please email me/call me to share your opinions.