Dan’s Balloons Show

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Mark your calendars! This coming Tuesday, July 10 at 2PM Dan from Dan’s Balloons will be visiting us at the library! Here are some photos of some of his creations, as well as some pics from last year’s show!

Libraries Rock!

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And so it begins! Come in today and sign up for our summer reading program-Libraries Rock! Here are photos of the library decorated for the event and also pics of our first round of raffles. These prizes will be drawn on Friday, July 20 at our half way raffle!

Summer Reading Program 2018


We will be announcing the schedule for our 2018 Summer Reading Program-Libraries Rock!-next week, starting on Tuesday, June nineteenth. That will be the first day to come in and sign-up for the program. We will have printed schedules as well as reading logs and an incentive prize for every child who registers. There will be three wicked awesome performers this year, along with our raffles and other events! I can’t wait for the program to start! Rock on readers!!!