New Internet Use Policy begins today

On September 14, 2012, the trustees of the Allenstown Public Library approved a new Internet Use Policy.  All individuals who wish to use the public access computers to access the internet will be asked to read and sign the policy.  Parents/guardians of minors will be asked to sign the contract for their child, and the child will be asked to sign the minor contract.

This new policy details what behavior is expected when individuals use the internet, as well as appropriate material that can be accessed on the public terminals.  You can read the policy by clicking on the Internet Use Policy tab above.

Questions?  Feel free to call the library.

Allenstown or Suncook?

I receive the question often, so I did some research into it.  Here’s what I found.

Suncook is a census designated place (CDP).  That means that when the government collects census data each year, they combine Allenstown and Pembroke, when collecting information.  They do this because Suncook resembles a town, even though it doesn’t have its own government.

Allenstown is a town.  That means that it is “a center of population.”  It also means that unlike Suncook, it has a town government.

While I can’t substantiate this data, I believe that the post office uses Suncook because of its status as a CDP by the federal government, and the post office is regulated by the federal government.